Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is my family, in the last 30 days.....

This is my adorable dad, who just turned the big 5-0! you old man!! What can you do dad? nothing.

This is my brother Dave, and my super cute niece Juni. Dave is not her dad, but this picture is so dang cute.
This is Juni and her dad, Dan. My other older brother. Juni can hardly stand it when he kisses her chubby neck!!! I love it!!!!!

This is not part of my family, but it is the birthday cake I made for my parents, who have the same birthday!! I am way too lazy to turn the picture the right way, so please just tilt your head a little. Thanks.
This is My little brother, Jaden, (in purple), and his cute whitney. (and her best friend Amberlee and her date) They just had homecoming and it made me secretly miss high school a little bit.

This is my husband, pretending he's hatching.

I have another brother, and a mom, who are both camera shy. maybe next time, kids, maybe next time.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

....happy birthday dear Nana.....

This is my sweet Nana.
Today is her 77th birthday!
She came camping with us over the 4th of July. She rocked her great-grandbabies babies to sleep all weekend, and never complained about wearing her silly headband.

I love her because she is the hardest worker I know. Last week she worked 60 hours at the Manti temple, then canned 50 quarts of salsa with home-grown ingredients on her day off.

I love her because she remembers all of the small things you tell her. I forgot my toothbrush one time when i went to visit her and Papa. She went and bought me one. She keeps it in a ziploc bag and every time I come she leaves it in whatever bathroom I'll be using that trip.

I love her because she keeps everyone around her happy. When BYU or the Jazz are playing and she working at the temple, she slips into her office every 20 minutes or so to text us for updates on the scores. Rumor has it she then wanders through the halls of the temple and keeps all of the workers updated.

And I love her because she loves everyone around her so perfectly.

Happy birthday Nana! I hope your day was perfect!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

a few thoughts i've had this week....

I miss this beach!!!!, Also, just because it's foggy outside doesn't mean a white girl won't burn, baby burn!!

Does it look like darren is crying?
does he look a little more sad than usual?
he is, becuase after 6 years, I sold him.
He doesn't really understand why it was time for us to part.
Don't worry, the other day I saw a green durango cruising down center street, sucking up way too much gas, and I started crying.
This is the worst break-up i've ever had.
any coping tips?

my niece is SO cute.

How many BYU 29th ward elders does it take to cook some bacon? 7, apparently. Plus Andrea and sister D. But breakfast was fabulous!

I am so grateful for our ward and the good friends we have in it! Jeff is quite the comedian, obviously. "my mediocre face, my mediocre face....."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

cheers, M & D

fresh new RM.
almost love at first sight.
powder blue wedding, new walker family.
welcome baby dan, sorry you feel sick!
young and poor and so in love.
welcome baby dave!
RS pres.
homemade halloween costmes.
PTA president.
Dan goes to kindergarten, mom cried all day.
Welcome baby lynzy!
welcome baby jesse!
goodbye provo, hello springville.
meet the nielsons, meet the nius.
"is dehe home?"
mom coached softball, dad coached baseball
payson lakes and kelly's grove
welcome baby jaden!
runny nose and strawberry milk and "i farted in my mouth."
trips to ferron seemed oh, so long!
slept on the tramp with us
made dinner for us every night
taught us to work and play and serve
goodbye nana and papa, we'll miss you for 2 years!
lets go to mexico!
Don pedro's still around!
welcome lisa!
welcome martin! "bless the fud."
dan's done with high school, hello logan....and seattle....and guatemala
yellowstone 2004. "dave, get back there and separate them!"
welcome charlene! we needed another girl
goodbye, old blue, the scouts will miss you! (but jaden will more!)
hello durango! the world will love you! (but lynzy will more!)
dave finishes high school, "dovishdena, Bulgaria!"
mom cried and cried
NYC for 25 years
lynzy finishes high school, hello BYU!
m & d love bulgaria, HATE turkey
mom goes back to BYU
jesse finishes high school, hello ephriam!
dave come to BYU (4/7 walkers on campus everyday!)
the big ugly C word scares us all
lynzy goes to africa
Welcome Jenny! you fit in so well
the big ugly C word loses to our dad!
hawaiin vacation tops the best vacation charts
Welcome Keith! good look with those BIL's!
kg, lew, and mom finish BYU
baby juni sweetens up our world
summer 2009 is as busy as ever
after 28 years they love each other more than ever

thanks for praying and loving and getting us through! we love you. here's to another 28 years

Thursday, July 30, 2009

where have i been???

In our internet-less apartment and internet-blocked work place! I haven't blogged since I stopped frequenting BYU campus. But, my blogging fire has been rekindled over the last couple of days because we've had to say goodbye to some of our best friends. John and Ida Mae are moving to West Virginia for medical school, and Laura Bain is moving to Georgia for her internship. I want to keep in touch, so here i am!! This is what we've been up to this summer......

Jaden and I ran a 5k in the POURING RAIN and jaden took first! he won $6 dollars :)

We planted a garden, which I love and obsess about way too much.

We ripped a tree out of my parents back yard. (becasue it was dead, not because we hate trees!)

We ate some sour candy at the coolest old fashioned store in St. George. For all you anatomy lovers out there, check out that platysma!!

We watched Footloose and Annie in Tuacahn, becuase my parents gave us tickets for graduation. Thanks mom and dad!

We Hiked angels landing in Zions. I highly recommend this hike, it was so fun!

We also hiked the narrows, which is a little hard for short people! my arms got tired of carrying my backpack like this!

We've done plenty of hanging out with baby girl!!!

This crazy crowd BARELY made it down the provo river alive!!

Our garden flourished!! I think this picture looks like Keith is planning to do something mean with this zucchini!

Our first two ripe tomatoes!

and last but not least, we hiked Timp with the most in shape couple I've ever met, Ben and Holley. We got our butts kicked all 7 miles, and I don't think Holley even broke a sweat. seriously. We got to slide down the glacier at the top, which made the long hike totally worth it. (that's the picture with all of us holding rocks.....we thought we could dig into the snow to slow ourselves didn't work. It just makes your hands really cold.)

The third to last picture is a really stupid one at first glance, but it looks like Keith is punching Jaden in the chinny-chin-chin

well, there's our summer in one big long post! We'll try to keep up better!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Official!

The official acceptance letter to BYU's Master of Public Policy Program

I'm so proud of Keith, and so happy that Provo will be our home for 2 more years :)

The Reason I LOVE organic BioChemistry.... this man! Dr. Wood makes this class super fun, and although I felt really dorky and somewhat creepy taking a picture of him, I had to capture his lesson on transamination taught with hand puppets.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and then we got a voicemail....

they accidentally put the wrong size tire on. Round two, here we come!

BUT, it's a good thing, because he's going to give us a free lube and oil, which we need.

What a week!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flat tire? No problem!

Yesterday was a frigid Sunday afternoon in March, and we decided to take treats to a few families in our ward. We made up 4 plates of delicious goodies and bundled up. How many of these families were home? 0. How many rice krispie treats did I eat? 4 plates.

While leaving dejectedly from the the last house, (the Gold's, who are so cute), we accidentally backed into a big stupid Provo city curb and blew out our tire. Why would any city EVER make their gutters a foot deep? I don't know. They must be expecting a big rain one of these years.

Anyway, this didn't seem to be too big of a deal, until I woke up this morning to 3 inches of snow and 21 degree wind. I was pretty perturbed, and decided to deal with the car thing later.

well, now it's later and dealt with, and man am I glad it's over!

My dear old dad heard about our car and volunteered to come help me change the tire. I had WAY too much to do today, and was already pretty stressed out, so I welcomed the help. (ok, three other potential helpers turned me down, so I asked him to drive out from Springville and lend me a hand. He did.)

2:07- I called my dad and asked him to come out, he gladly obliged.
2:51- He called to tell me he was leaving his house. "really dad? because I thought you were leaving 44 minutes ago"
3:40- A knock at the the door. "dad's here" I think. Wrong. Salesman.
3:45- another knock at the door. Dad is here this time.

So we head outside. Temperature: 29 degrees.

I get out the jack. I know it's important where you put the jack, but I don't know why it's important and what to look for in proper jack placement. So I ask my dad. He crawls under the car and says, "oh yeah, that's where I would put it. but let me check a few more places." So he checks behind the tire, in front of the tire, to the side, in back again, and in front again. Then he tells me to crawl under there and give my opinion on where it should go. I tell him I don't have the foggiest idea where it should go, and me crawling on the wet, muddy ground isn't going to give me any hints. But he just stood there and looked at me, so I crawled under the car and looked around. "looks like a bunch of metal." I said, "but I still have no idea where it should go."

So before we jack up the car, he says we need to secure the tires so it won't roll. I tell him that I just put on the e brake, so we should be ok. He doesn't seem to hear me, so he asks if I have any 2X4's. "nope." I said. So he goes behind the mysterious storage shed next to our house that nobody seems to know who it belongs to and finds these HUGE metal poles that look like they were once pieces of a fence. He puts them in front of the tires, then says we need to secure those. "e brake." I say again. He goes for more poles.

After the tires are secured with poles, and the poles are secured with more poles, we begin the jacking. I jack it up, my fingers are seriously numb, and we take off the tire. I'm thinking well take the tire in my dad's car, get a new one, bring it back, put it on, and I'll get on with my day. But my dad and I weren't having the same thought process.

dad: "Where's the spare?"
me: "We don't need it, we can just take the tire in your car"
dad: "well we can't just leave the car jacked up"
me: "I'm sure it will be fine, let's go"
dad: "what if a little kid pushes the car off the jack?"
me: "the only little kid within three blocks of here can't hold his own head up."
dad: "what if a teenager pushes the car off the jack?"
me: "isn't that what the poles are for?"
dad: "where's the spare?"

I exasperatedly get the spare out of the trunk and put it on. He reaches for the hub cap to put it back on, and i about lose it. I take the hubcap, throw it in the trunk, and lock the car. We take the car off the jack and take the tire to my dad's car.

dad: "what if someone tries to drive on the spare?"
me: "that's what it's for. and I have the keys with me, and Keith is in class with the other set of keys, and no one's going to drive it."

I drive to the tire shop. good news here!! hooray! The rim that I though was ruined was fixable. He said he could pound it back into shape. there's a bunch of money saved! this days is looking up :)
But had no used tires, and no cheap tires, so I sprang for the $80 tire. (this was after going to multiple tire shops that I'd already called to ensure the best price. I don't really want to type about that whole experience.)

45 minutes later, the tire is back on the rim, it's paid for, and we're headed back to my house. We jack the car back up, take the spare off, put the new one on, and take it off the jack.

Well, it's been several hours now, and I no longer have time to take my test or to make the dinner for Keith I was planning on. So i head back to campus and go running instead. Keith and I have family night and grab some dinner. (he also took me to see Monsters vs. Aliens, which is pretty awesome, and bought me a milkshake.) We went to bed way too late, but all in all the day ended very happily. :) :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

another list i should have posted 10 minutes ago:

-KEITH GOT INTO BYU'S GRADUATE SCHOOL!! we'll be in Provo another 2 years, baby
-I got a big fat scholarship 5 weeks before graduation, after all fees have been paid, which means we'll be using that money for other things. yes!

ok, that's all. life is good. more pictures to come in the next 72 hours.

a few lists, for your enjoyment.

Things I should be doing right now:
-studying for my ochem text this weekend
-preparing for my quiz in 24 minutes
-looking for a job

things I'm doing instead:
-chatting with the lovely Maggie Mugimu from Uganda!!
-daydreaming about what life will be like 4 weeks from now when I'm graduated!
-deciding whether to buy sour patch watermelon ot Cadbury eggs to get me through my next 3 HOUR CLASS!!

things I'm not sure about:
-the metabolic pathway. why is this necessary to my education?
-what we will eat for dinner tonight
-the weather in this state. although i am sure that i hate it
-why my foot hurts
-who shot the sheriff?

things I can see from where I'm sitting:
-keith, that handsome devil
-ochem notes
-a guy laying on the floor of the JFSB sleeping. Really guy? go home.
-grey clouds AND blue skies
-an extremely nerdy professor with the coolest suit I've seen since disco roller skating 3 weekends ago

places i wish i were right now:
-on the beach

and now for a picture list. this a recap of what we've been up to for the last 3 months.

we got married :) :) :) :) :) :)

I turned 22!!

and we WON the Ream's first annual supermarket sweep.

basically, life is really really really good and happy.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Actually, 2.5 seconds after typing the title to my post, I take it back! I am not a slacker! But now that finals/christmas/wedding/hawaii/moving/starting new semester is over, I can update my life!

We're married! I highly recommend it. The reception was seriously so fabulous! We had it in a barn with a live jazz band and SO much food. There were tons of flowers everywhere, and everyone stayed and danced into the night. It was perfect. The temple was one of the coolest things I've ever done. My papa sealed us together, and we got to see the spiral staircase in the Manti Temple. When I get my pictures back, they're going on here! (not of the spiral staircase, of course, but of the rest of the wedding)

We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, which is also highly recommended! We hiked through a rain forest, snorkeled with sea turtles, and kayaked with whales! I ate crab for the first time, and we were part of a magic show. We found a big field of dries up lava and a cliff full of holes that looked down into the ocean. (Is that safe?) We ate like 80 snowcones and got SO sunburned. Well, I got so sunburned, Keith got 23 shades darker, exposing my whiteness further.

We moved into the most adorable 1/3 of a house of all time! It's on center street, come see us! We got a free couch, chair, dresser, desk, bookshelf, and bed. (mostly found in my parent's house, and the bed was for Christmas.) We bought a table and chairs, and the plae is so cute. We have a candy dish that has to be filled up every night. No wonder people gain weight when they get married! Did anyone else get TONS of candy for the showers/reception?

We started our LAST SEMESTER of school 2 weeks ago. It's going to be a good one, I can feel it! (mostly because the light is FINALLY at the end of the tunnel.)

We are so happy and so blessed! I'll post pictures soon, I promise!