Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a week late....better than never!!!

ah, Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful time of year! It means school is SO close to being over, Christmas is on it's way, and my wedding is creeping ever closer! It also means everyone's coming over to eat, eat, eat.

here's how our thanksgiving went:
Keith, Jaden, Lisa and I ended up on the kids table for the...21st year in a row!! Glamorous, I know :)

These are all four of my ADORABLE grandparents, alive and kickin'
There's my dad in the background. How charming.

After dinner, it was games, games, games.
papa proved he could read our minds!

matt proved he could read chinese!

and jaden proved he could eat the most dessert while no one was looking! BUSTED!!

The next morning, Jaden, Keith, my dad, and myself were abandoned by the rest of the family. They were all sucked in to Black Friday, and we were left to fend for ourselves!

Regular-sized Keith and Ginourmous Jaden made a fabulous breakfast

and Dad got called to go try on suits at WAY CROWDED department stores WAY TOO EARLY in the morning. Can't you tell he's excited?

we played a game of Settlers. Keith epitomized multitasking!! Watching Biggest Loser (oh my gosh, BEST show.), doing something on the internet,winning at settlers, and being devistatingly handsome. I'm not sure, but I don't think that's easy!

We ended the weekend by doing facials. It made our skin so tight we couldn't smile, but my goodness it felt good after! I'm telling you, Clean and Clear has got it figured out! Also, isn't that cool how the cleaner matches his shirt so perfectly! WOW!

A word to anyone contemplating doing their own facials: While the bottle doesn't say to avoid your eyebrows.....avoid your eyebrows! Unless, of course, you like that tingly soap-in-the eyes feeling!

All in all, it was a great weekend! We have a lot to be thankful for!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

we might have found it....

ok, so imagine like the smallest, darkest, basement you can.

now think a little smaller.

a little darker.

maybe. it's one block from campus, and SO cheap. we can buy lamps, right?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we're engaged!!

well, we were engaged almost 6 weeks ago, but i've been busy! here are some of our favorite pictures

i should be...i am....

where i should be: physics lab in the ESC
where i am: mac lab in the JFSB

what i should be doing: physics homework
what i am doing: typing this blog

what i should be thinking about: thermodynamics
engine efficiency
what i am thinking about: how to get friends on my blog!
45 days until my wedding!
my eye is twitching
stats is getting really hard
physics is getting really hard
physiology is getting really hard
i hope i have some grapes at work because i'm starving!
i should get a new job
our engagement pictures are SO cute
i should post our engagement pictures.
i'm going to post our engagement pictures
then i'm going to text ryan nielson and ask him how to get friends
i miss keith!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

School time, boys and girls!

Well, it's here. The first day of school has officially arrived, and I find myself walking that .81 mile daily journey up 900 east. 900 east doesn't look uphill, but i'm here to tell you that it is! My goodness, I've got to get out more. This morning I was sweating after the walk. I spent the first 10 minutes of physics trying to figure out ways to cool down. besides taking off clothing, I thought of nothing, so I just suffered. I sat by a girl named ariel, who i agreed to study with twice a week. Her voice is pretty annoying, and she says "anyways" a lot. "anyways" is not a word. But she seems to know her physics, so she'll be allowed to stick around :)

After physics i went to the physics lab, becuase I hadn't had enough yet! i got stuck on problems 1.1- 1.7, but managed to get somewhat near the right answer on 1.8. It's going to be a long semester. it's kind of embarrassing putting up that little 'help stick' 7 times in a row.

Then Keith and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. I like keith and I like olive garden, so basically it was a perfect afternoon. The waitress knew me somehow.....yeah right. she pretended to so we'd tip her well. she said she went to springville high and gradutated with me. Her name was Angela Gilly. Anybody recognize it?? I didn't think so.

and now here i sit at work. I can't do homework, but I can blog! oh BYU, how I love you. no no, I really do, I love it here. I'm getting paid to write things that nobody ever reads. lynzy= 1 point. BYU = 0.

Friday, August 8, 2008


last night Keith created his blog, and i rededicated myself to blogging. While we were sitting there at my parent's house, my mom said that my legs were nearly as tan as Keith's! I just laghed. Yeah mom, and I'm also nearly as rich as Oprah :)

Speaking of tan, my mom gave me this tanning lotion stuff that somehow has SPF 15 AND makes you look more tan after only one week of using! i need to start using it! Apparently my mom is obsessed with me being tan!

We also went biking last night and found this amazing trail that goes out to Utah Lake. it runs along the Provo river, so you get hit by like a thousand bugs, but it's still really fun! you get to go on a sneaky little thig under the freeway! it's pretty scary. AND when we get to the place where we decided to turn around becuase it was too dark, there was a guy walking around with a rifle! We think he was hunting something....along the provo river bike trail.....hmmmm.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

things i love about this picture:

1. keith
2. that cookie in my hand
3. it's at petey's house
4. those cheesy grins!!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

We made this sweet pyramid at Alyssa's par-tay!! If you can't tell by our faces, these darn pyramids are way more painful than those cheerleaders make them look!

Somehow we ended up dressing up in some costumes we found in the basement and having a dance party! nobody is really sure how it happened! On minute we were eating mono-infested chips and salsa, and the next thing we knew we looked like this!

falling down stewart falls :(

oh, stewart falls, my favorite hike around! we climbed up there one morning bright and early, hence the tiny eyes and pajama shirts. I took careful measures to stay at least three feet away from the water, becuase I knew Keith would push me in if I got too close. Who wants to hike down the mountain all wet, chaffing every step of the way?! Not me.
Well, immediately after taking the triumphant 'we made it!' picture at the top of the falls, I managed to slide down the mountain on my stomach. Literally, my arms were out in front of me superman stlye, and I slid down feet first. Besides being humiliated, I was covered in mud. Into the water I went! I hiked down all cold and chaff-y, but still loving that beautiful hike!