Thursday, November 20, 2008

we might have found it....

ok, so imagine like the smallest, darkest, basement you can.

now think a little smaller.

a little darker.

maybe. it's one block from campus, and SO cheap. we can buy lamps, right?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we're engaged!!

well, we were engaged almost 6 weeks ago, but i've been busy! here are some of our favorite pictures

i should be...i am....

where i should be: physics lab in the ESC
where i am: mac lab in the JFSB

what i should be doing: physics homework
what i am doing: typing this blog

what i should be thinking about: thermodynamics
engine efficiency
what i am thinking about: how to get friends on my blog!
45 days until my wedding!
my eye is twitching
stats is getting really hard
physics is getting really hard
physiology is getting really hard
i hope i have some grapes at work because i'm starving!
i should get a new job
our engagement pictures are SO cute
i should post our engagement pictures.
i'm going to post our engagement pictures
then i'm going to text ryan nielson and ask him how to get friends
i miss keith!