Friday, August 8, 2008


last night Keith created his blog, and i rededicated myself to blogging. While we were sitting there at my parent's house, my mom said that my legs were nearly as tan as Keith's! I just laghed. Yeah mom, and I'm also nearly as rich as Oprah :)

Speaking of tan, my mom gave me this tanning lotion stuff that somehow has SPF 15 AND makes you look more tan after only one week of using! i need to start using it! Apparently my mom is obsessed with me being tan!

We also went biking last night and found this amazing trail that goes out to Utah Lake. it runs along the Provo river, so you get hit by like a thousand bugs, but it's still really fun! you get to go on a sneaky little thig under the freeway! it's pretty scary. AND when we get to the place where we decided to turn around becuase it was too dark, there was a guy walking around with a rifle! We think he was hunting something....along the provo river bike trail.....hmmmm.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008