Thursday, July 30, 2009

where have i been???

In our internet-less apartment and internet-blocked work place! I haven't blogged since I stopped frequenting BYU campus. But, my blogging fire has been rekindled over the last couple of days because we've had to say goodbye to some of our best friends. John and Ida Mae are moving to West Virginia for medical school, and Laura Bain is moving to Georgia for her internship. I want to keep in touch, so here i am!! This is what we've been up to this summer......

Jaden and I ran a 5k in the POURING RAIN and jaden took first! he won $6 dollars :)

We planted a garden, which I love and obsess about way too much.

We ripped a tree out of my parents back yard. (becasue it was dead, not because we hate trees!)

We ate some sour candy at the coolest old fashioned store in St. George. For all you anatomy lovers out there, check out that platysma!!

We watched Footloose and Annie in Tuacahn, becuase my parents gave us tickets for graduation. Thanks mom and dad!

We Hiked angels landing in Zions. I highly recommend this hike, it was so fun!

We also hiked the narrows, which is a little hard for short people! my arms got tired of carrying my backpack like this!

We've done plenty of hanging out with baby girl!!!

This crazy crowd BARELY made it down the provo river alive!!

Our garden flourished!! I think this picture looks like Keith is planning to do something mean with this zucchini!

Our first two ripe tomatoes!

and last but not least, we hiked Timp with the most in shape couple I've ever met, Ben and Holley. We got our butts kicked all 7 miles, and I don't think Holley even broke a sweat. seriously. We got to slide down the glacier at the top, which made the long hike totally worth it. (that's the picture with all of us holding rocks.....we thought we could dig into the snow to slow ourselves didn't work. It just makes your hands really cold.)

The third to last picture is a really stupid one at first glance, but it looks like Keith is punching Jaden in the chinny-chin-chin

well, there's our summer in one big long post! We'll try to keep up better!