Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is my family, in the last 30 days.....

This is my adorable dad, who just turned the big 5-0! you old man!! What can you do dad? nothing.

This is my brother Dave, and my super cute niece Juni. Dave is not her dad, but this picture is so dang cute.
This is Juni and her dad, Dan. My other older brother. Juni can hardly stand it when he kisses her chubby neck!!! I love it!!!!!

This is not part of my family, but it is the birthday cake I made for my parents, who have the same birthday!! I am way too lazy to turn the picture the right way, so please just tilt your head a little. Thanks.
This is My little brother, Jaden, (in purple), and his cute whitney. (and her best friend Amberlee and her date) They just had homecoming and it made me secretly miss high school a little bit.

This is my husband, pretending he's hatching.

I have another brother, and a mom, who are both camera shy. maybe next time, kids, maybe next time.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

....happy birthday dear Nana.....

This is my sweet Nana.
Today is her 77th birthday!
She came camping with us over the 4th of July. She rocked her great-grandbabies babies to sleep all weekend, and never complained about wearing her silly headband.

I love her because she is the hardest worker I know. Last week she worked 60 hours at the Manti temple, then canned 50 quarts of salsa with home-grown ingredients on her day off.

I love her because she remembers all of the small things you tell her. I forgot my toothbrush one time when i went to visit her and Papa. She went and bought me one. She keeps it in a ziploc bag and every time I come she leaves it in whatever bathroom I'll be using that trip.

I love her because she keeps everyone around her happy. When BYU or the Jazz are playing and she working at the temple, she slips into her office every 20 minutes or so to text us for updates on the scores. Rumor has it she then wanders through the halls of the temple and keeps all of the workers updated.

And I love her because she loves everyone around her so perfectly.

Happy birthday Nana! I hope your day was perfect!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

a few thoughts i've had this week....

I miss this beach!!!!, Also, just because it's foggy outside doesn't mean a white girl won't burn, baby burn!!

Does it look like darren is crying?
does he look a little more sad than usual?
he is, becuase after 6 years, I sold him.
He doesn't really understand why it was time for us to part.
Don't worry, the other day I saw a green durango cruising down center street, sucking up way too much gas, and I started crying.
This is the worst break-up i've ever had.
any coping tips?

my niece is SO cute.

How many BYU 29th ward elders does it take to cook some bacon? 7, apparently. Plus Andrea and sister D. But breakfast was fabulous!

I am so grateful for our ward and the good friends we have in it! Jeff is quite the comedian, obviously. "my mediocre face, my mediocre face....."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

cheers, M & D

fresh new RM.
almost love at first sight.
powder blue wedding, new walker family.
welcome baby dan, sorry you feel sick!
young and poor and so in love.
welcome baby dave!
RS pres.
homemade halloween costmes.
PTA president.
Dan goes to kindergarten, mom cried all day.
Welcome baby lynzy!
welcome baby jesse!
goodbye provo, hello springville.
meet the nielsons, meet the nius.
"is dehe home?"
mom coached softball, dad coached baseball
payson lakes and kelly's grove
welcome baby jaden!
runny nose and strawberry milk and "i farted in my mouth."
trips to ferron seemed oh, so long!
slept on the tramp with us
made dinner for us every night
taught us to work and play and serve
goodbye nana and papa, we'll miss you for 2 years!
lets go to mexico!
Don pedro's still around!
welcome lisa!
welcome martin! "bless the fud."
dan's done with high school, hello logan....and seattle....and guatemala
yellowstone 2004. "dave, get back there and separate them!"
welcome charlene! we needed another girl
goodbye, old blue, the scouts will miss you! (but jaden will more!)
hello durango! the world will love you! (but lynzy will more!)
dave finishes high school, "dovishdena, Bulgaria!"
mom cried and cried
NYC for 25 years
lynzy finishes high school, hello BYU!
m & d love bulgaria, HATE turkey
mom goes back to BYU
jesse finishes high school, hello ephriam!
dave come to BYU (4/7 walkers on campus everyday!)
the big ugly C word scares us all
lynzy goes to africa
Welcome Jenny! you fit in so well
the big ugly C word loses to our dad!
hawaiin vacation tops the best vacation charts
Welcome Keith! good look with those BIL's!
kg, lew, and mom finish BYU
baby juni sweetens up our world
summer 2009 is as busy as ever
after 28 years they love each other more than ever

thanks for praying and loving and getting us through! we love you. here's to another 28 years

Thursday, July 30, 2009

where have i been???

In our internet-less apartment and internet-blocked work place! I haven't blogged since I stopped frequenting BYU campus. But, my blogging fire has been rekindled over the last couple of days because we've had to say goodbye to some of our best friends. John and Ida Mae are moving to West Virginia for medical school, and Laura Bain is moving to Georgia for her internship. I want to keep in touch, so here i am!! This is what we've been up to this summer......

Jaden and I ran a 5k in the POURING RAIN and jaden took first! he won $6 dollars :)

We planted a garden, which I love and obsess about way too much.

We ripped a tree out of my parents back yard. (becasue it was dead, not because we hate trees!)

We ate some sour candy at the coolest old fashioned store in St. George. For all you anatomy lovers out there, check out that platysma!!

We watched Footloose and Annie in Tuacahn, becuase my parents gave us tickets for graduation. Thanks mom and dad!

We Hiked angels landing in Zions. I highly recommend this hike, it was so fun!

We also hiked the narrows, which is a little hard for short people! my arms got tired of carrying my backpack like this!

We've done plenty of hanging out with baby girl!!!

This crazy crowd BARELY made it down the provo river alive!!

Our garden flourished!! I think this picture looks like Keith is planning to do something mean with this zucchini!

Our first two ripe tomatoes!

and last but not least, we hiked Timp with the most in shape couple I've ever met, Ben and Holley. We got our butts kicked all 7 miles, and I don't think Holley even broke a sweat. seriously. We got to slide down the glacier at the top, which made the long hike totally worth it. (that's the picture with all of us holding rocks.....we thought we could dig into the snow to slow ourselves didn't work. It just makes your hands really cold.)

The third to last picture is a really stupid one at first glance, but it looks like Keith is punching Jaden in the chinny-chin-chin

well, there's our summer in one big long post! We'll try to keep up better!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Official!

The official acceptance letter to BYU's Master of Public Policy Program

I'm so proud of Keith, and so happy that Provo will be our home for 2 more years :)

The Reason I LOVE organic BioChemistry.... this man! Dr. Wood makes this class super fun, and although I felt really dorky and somewhat creepy taking a picture of him, I had to capture his lesson on transamination taught with hand puppets.