Thursday, July 3, 2008

things i love about this picture:

1. keith
2. that cookie in my hand
3. it's at petey's house
4. those cheesy grins!!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

We made this sweet pyramid at Alyssa's par-tay!! If you can't tell by our faces, these darn pyramids are way more painful than those cheerleaders make them look!

Somehow we ended up dressing up in some costumes we found in the basement and having a dance party! nobody is really sure how it happened! On minute we were eating mono-infested chips and salsa, and the next thing we knew we looked like this!

falling down stewart falls :(

oh, stewart falls, my favorite hike around! we climbed up there one morning bright and early, hence the tiny eyes and pajama shirts. I took careful measures to stay at least three feet away from the water, becuase I knew Keith would push me in if I got too close. Who wants to hike down the mountain all wet, chaffing every step of the way?! Not me.
Well, immediately after taking the triumphant 'we made it!' picture at the top of the falls, I managed to slide down the mountain on my stomach. Literally, my arms were out in front of me superman stlye, and I slid down feet first. Besides being humiliated, I was covered in mud. Into the water I went! I hiked down all cold and chaff-y, but still loving that beautiful hike!