Saturday, August 22, 2009

a few thoughts i've had this week....

I miss this beach!!!!, Also, just because it's foggy outside doesn't mean a white girl won't burn, baby burn!!

Does it look like darren is crying?
does he look a little more sad than usual?
he is, becuase after 6 years, I sold him.
He doesn't really understand why it was time for us to part.
Don't worry, the other day I saw a green durango cruising down center street, sucking up way too much gas, and I started crying.
This is the worst break-up i've ever had.
any coping tips?

my niece is SO cute.

How many BYU 29th ward elders does it take to cook some bacon? 7, apparently. Plus Andrea and sister D. But breakfast was fabulous!

I am so grateful for our ward and the good friends we have in it! Jeff is quite the comedian, obviously. "my mediocre face, my mediocre face....."


Breanne King said...

i'm sure you really want to know about my thoughts so here they are:
1. i really wish we could have stayed for breakfast!! It looks like it was fun.
2. did you get my text about heindselmans? My mom says that they have patterns there if you want to use one to make your project. or if they don't have the right one you can buy it online but then you gotta pay shipping and wait...

Jackie said...

Jeff is so happy that he made your blog. He's famous now. He wants a weekly appearance on your blog.

Teresa said...

Lynzy, you must do an update to your blog. I am having Lynzy withdrawals. So write, please. I love your writing so much.