Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is my family, in the last 30 days.....

This is my adorable dad, who just turned the big 5-0! you old man!! What can you do dad? nothing.

This is my brother Dave, and my super cute niece Juni. Dave is not her dad, but this picture is so dang cute.
This is Juni and her dad, Dan. My other older brother. Juni can hardly stand it when he kisses her chubby neck!!! I love it!!!!!

This is not part of my family, but it is the birthday cake I made for my parents, who have the same birthday!! I am way too lazy to turn the picture the right way, so please just tilt your head a little. Thanks.
This is My little brother, Jaden, (in purple), and his cute whitney. (and her best friend Amberlee and her date) They just had homecoming and it made me secretly miss high school a little bit.

This is my husband, pretending he's hatching.

I have another brother, and a mom, who are both camera shy. maybe next time, kids, maybe next time.